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Combine a Vibratory Compactor with a Digging Bucket!

Felco 36 x 60 Vibratory Compaction Bucket with an Allied 1600 Compactor

For upcoming open-cut sewer, water or utility jobs with soils that require vibration to compact, the Felco Vibratory Compaction Bucket can improve backfilling and compacting efficiency by 20% or more.

Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets combine a specially engineered bucket shell with either an Allied or NPK vibratory plate compactor. These vibratory units can apply from 3,500 to 40,000 pounds of impact force depending on size and model.

These 2-IN-1 Attachments from Felco Industries are ideal for multi-purpose jobs, especially in sandy or granular soil conditions that are best compacted by vibratory compaction. There are three primary reasons the Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets can help streamline your project.  Provides Efficiency, Reduces Costly Downtime & Increases Safety.

Provides Efficiency. With a Felco Vibratory Compaction Bucket, the excavator operator can uniformly place spoil lifts back into the trench, curl in the bucket, and activate the hydraulic compactor to compact just as one would with a stand-alone vibratory plate compactor attachment.

The Vibratory Compaction Bucket eliminates the transition time switching back and forth between a stand-alone vibratory plate compactor and a digging bucket – no unhooking and reconnecting hydraulic lines.

Reduces Costly Downtime. Featuring oil splash bearings that do not require maintenance or greasing, and a standard four-function flow regulating valve between the motor and the excavator’s hydraulic system, the longevity of the Allied and NPK motors combined with our specially engineered bucket shell means that with proper use this attachment will be ready to work when needed.

Increases Safety. The Vibratory Compaction Bucket reduces or eliminates the need for an additional person to be in the trench compacting which is always preferable – and the need to continuously lower in and lift out a jumping jack or walk-behind compactor from the side of the trench.



Whether you are using a Mini Excavator or a 100,000+ pound excavator, Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets are available to match up with your machine and project needs.

For sizing and pricing questions, please call our Sales Department at 800-221-5427, then press 3.

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