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Felco Frost and Rock Excavator and Backhoe Attachments

Excavator roller bucket and digging bucket

Winter…it’s a beautiful time of the year in the north except when an underground utility failure occurs, and you need to punch through a layer of frost to access the problem.

Felco Industries offers two attachment solutions to help contractors get through the frost – Felco Frost Buckets and Felco Ripper Shanks for both excavators and backhoes.

Felco Frost Buckets for Excavators and Backhoes

Frost bucket from Felco
Frost bucket diagram

Felco Frost Buckets are specifically built for working in frozen and rocky ground and designed to penetrate the ground with as little resistance and strain as possible for your machine.  These attachments significantly improve digging performance in materials and soils compacted by deep frost.

Felco Frost Buckets feature:

  • Built with heavy-duty materials including T-1 steel for increased strength and durability.
  • Short pin to point bucket design improves penetration and increases digging power.
  • Positioning of the teeth helps reinforce the corners of the bucket and allow the best clearance and optimum taper without excessive tooth wear.
  • Frost buckets are delivered with teeth, adapters, and bucket pins.

We build each Felco Frost Bucket to our customer’s specifications.  Please call us at 800-221-5427 or click Request a Quote for more information.

Felco Ripper Shanks for Excavators and Backhoes

Ripper Shank from Felco
Ripper Shank diagram

Felco Excavator Ripper Shanks are built extra stout to deal with the difficulties of soils compacted by deep frost and designed to punch through and rip up the frost layer.  A replaceable tooth is standard, and optional front-mount rock guards are also available.  Standard lengths from 24” to 48” are available, and custom requests are welcomed.

This ripper features a ROMAC Adapter Nose and Replaceable Tooth, and we also offer as an option the ROMAC Front Rock Guard.  Specific manufacturer teeth and adapter components are available upon request for an additional charge.



As always, Felco encourages contractors to plan ahead if they see the potential for needing a frost bucket or ripper shank attachment – because when you need one is not the best time to order one!

To learn more about our these excavator attachments for your excavator or backhoe, please call us at 800-221-5427 or click Request a Quote.

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