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Vibratory Compaction Buckets


Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets combine the compaction performance of either a Rammer or NPK Construction Equipment Vibratory Plate Compactor with the versatility of an excavator bucket. These vibratory units can apply from 7,800 to 34,000 pounds of impact force depending on size and model. Vibratory compaction forces the air in the soils to the surface which decreases air pockets making them ideal for compacting granular materials.


The Felco Vibratory Compaction Bucket combination allows the excavator operator to grab spoils with the bucket, lay out the proper lift depth, curl in the bucket, then hit the hydraulics and compact. This speeds up the backfill and compaction process by not having to switch back and forth between a digging bucket and a stand-alone vibratory compactor – no unhooking and reconnecting hydraulic lines.


Excavator operators can lay more uniform, compaction appropriate lifts with the Vibratory Compaction Bucket attachment, and they consistently report achieving 90% + compaction on projects throughout the U.S. and Canada.


Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets require the excavator to be plumbed for an auxiliary hydraulic attachment with an open circuit that has a return to the machine’s hydraulic tank.


Just grab and lay out your lift, curl in the bucket, and compact

Machine Weight
Standard Size
(W” x L”)
NPK / Rammer
Vibratory Unit
Est. Weight
20,000 – 48,000     
 20″  x  42″C4 / 10007,800 / 8,0001,1500.3
 24″  x  42″C4 / 10007,800 / 8,0001,3000.3
 30″  x  42″C4 / 10007,800 / 8,0001,4250.3
 24″  x  48″C4 / 10007,800 / 8,0001,4000.4
 30″  x  48″C4 / 10007,800 / 8,0001,5000.5
 24″  x  48″C6 / 160016,0001,5000.3
 30″  x  48″C6 / 160016,0001,6000.45
 36″  x  48″C6 / 160016,0001,9500.6
48,000 – 60,000     
 24″  x  60″C6 / 160016,0002,5000.6
 30″  x  60″C6 / 160016,0002,8000.9
 36″  x  60″C6 / 160016,0003,0001.2
 30″  x  60″C8 / 230024,0002,9500.8
 36″  x  60″C8 / 230024,0003,2001.1
60,000 – 100,000     
 30″  x 74″C8 / 230024,0003,6501.2
 36″  x 74″C8 / 230024,0003,9001.5
 42″  x 74″C8 / 230024,0004,2501.8
85,000 & Up     
 42″  x  74″C1034,0005,4001.8

NOTE: Felco Vibratory Compaction Buckets, featuring either an Rammer or NPK Vibratory Plate Compactor motor, require the excavator to be plumbed for an auxiliary hydraulic attachment with an open circuit that has a return to the machine’s hydraulic tank.

Linkage Pins

Available from 40mm to 130mm diameters.

linkage pins

Bolt-on Cutting Edges

Extend the life of your Felco bucket lip with a replaceable cutting edge.

Bolt-on edge scraper

Replacement ears

Felco can send a set of replacement pin-on ears for your current Felco bucket, to use your attachment on a different, similar class excavator. Please provide the serial # on the Vibratory Compaction which is located between the current set of ears, and the Make / Model of the excavator that you want the new ears to mount on.

To confirm ear dimensions, please click on this Ear Dimensions Confirmation Sheet.

Replacement ears
For sizing and pricing questions, please call our Parts Department at 800-221-5427, then press 1.

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