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In Montana, you will find an abundance of breathtaking views, mountain ranges, lakes, and sprawling prairies. You will also find Felco Industries in Missoula, which recently moved into a new 20,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. The expansion will allow Felco to add up to a dozen more jobs in the community.  

To help commemorate Felco’s expansion, I Make America, AEM’s national grassroots campaign, made its way to Montana to host Governor Greg Gianforte and U.S. Senator Steve Daines at the new facility. The momentous occasion, which was I Make America’s first visit to “Big Sky Country,” celebrated Felco’s continued success of manufacturing excavator attachments for underground, infrastructure, and oil and gas line installations and replacements. Equipment manufacturers support 850 jobs in Montana and contribute $79 million to the state’s economy annually, as noted by the Governor in his remarks. 

During the visit, the Governor and Senator met with Felco’s leadership, greeted employees, toured the facility, and discussed issues that impact the industry, including infrastructure investment, workforce development, and U.S. competitiveness.  

“When products are manufactured in Montana, it sends a message to consumers that what they’re purchasing is made to the highest quality and standard. Felco Industries’ products are no exception. We’ll continue to cut red tape, lower taxes, and invest in a stronger workforce to support job-creating businesses like Felco Industries,” said Montana Governor Greg Gianforte. 

Governor Gianforte is a champion for Montana equipment manufacturers, and we thank him joining us as we celebrate the grand opening of Felco’s new facility here in Missoula,” said Kip Eideberg, AEM’s senior vice president of government and industry relations. “The Governor’s efforts to cut taxes, roll back harmful regulations, and develop the state’s workforce is helping equipment manufacturers invest in their communities, grow their businesses, and create more family-sustaining jobs in Montana.” 

“Felco contributes many good-paying jobs to the local economy, and I’m grateful they’re expanding and investing in Montanans. Felco products have a reputation to match the state it calls home and the people who live here— strong, reliable, resilient. Just as Felco takes pride in its Montana heritage, Montana is proud Felco is here. I will always support the manufacturers building Montana’s bright future,” said U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.).  

We are proud to be at Felco in Missoula alongside Senator Daines to ensure that American equipment manufacturers can continue to innovate, grow, and create more family-sustaining jobs in Montana,” said Eideberg. “Decisions made in Washington affect every equipment manufacturer in Montana, and we appreciate Senator Daines’ steadfast support for bipartisan legislation that invests in workforce development, boosts domestic energy production, strengthens American manufacturing, and bolsters national security.” 

“Felco Industries is proud of the work we are doing right here in Missoula. With this new expansion, we will be able to continue our contributions to the local economy for generations to come. Governor Gianforte and Senator Daines have been great leaders for our state and for our manufacturing work in the community, and we thank them for their commitment to our success,” said Felco Industries CEO Shawn Pabst. “We look forward to working with both the Governor and Senator to address workforce challenges, infrastructure investments in the state, and the rural economy in Montana.” 

If you are interested in getting more involved with I Make America and adding your voice to the fight for pro-manufacturing policies, please reach out to AEM’s Advocacy Team. 

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