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We had been using compaction wheels without sealed bearings for years. Every year we had to rebuild the wheels at a cost of $4000. We bought a Felco compaction bucket some years ago and the seals lasted 12 years. We decided to make the change over to Felco wheels (which we should have done long ago). We ordered a 42″ wheel several months ago and our production has increased at least 25% – my guys are raving about how much better and faster our backfill and compaction has been.
Kelly Davis
Kelco Contracting, LLC
“Excellent product! Everything was completed on-time and hooked up to my equipment. Felco does a fantastic job.”
Wayne Marshall
“We use a Felco Roller Compaction Bucket. When I first purchased my first Roller Bucket in 1995 we were using motorized trench rollers, and after watching the Felco work for the first time I thought I had made a huge mistake and wasted a lof ot money, that there was no way that thing was getting 95% compaction, I even argued with my foreman. But I could not have been more wrong. Now I own 4, 3-24″ and 1-36″ roller buckets and have even gotten other companies that work for us to purchase them, some were skeptical but after they saw how much more work you could accomplish in a day, they were amazed also. Several years ago we had an excavator with a new 36″ roller bucket get stolen off a job in one of the busiest sections of town, when the police found it 3 years later the first question I asked was, “Does it still have the Felco bucket on it?” It is still being used everyday. We purchased our bucket in 1995 and we’re just now having to start replacing bearings and bushings. Felco has great customer service, great products, their lead times are great, and their employees are always courteous and professional.”
“We use Felco Kiln Carts. These are very well built carts, great workmanship on them. I love the idea of the wheel protectors Felco installed, should save considerable damage from the forklift forks. These Kiln Carts will increase productivity by gaining 4 – 5 hours more on each Kiln Charge. The workmanship is great, these are very nice looking carts! Felco’s customer service is amazing. From the initial phone call, right through the process – including helping get us the best deal on the shipping rates by coordinating with another load coming our way. I was kept in the loop through the entire production to the container arriving. Yes, we will be buying from Felco again. Felco’s lead times were faster then I expected, and they are great people to deal with – very friendly.”
Kevin Smith
Hefler Forest Products
Why do I like my Felco Bedding Conveyor? Because I can get 6 feet of extra pipe bedded in an hour.
Williams Plumbing
The buckets are awesome, and they last forever. We have 20 of the darn things.
Paul Kirby
Western Municipal Construction
What difference does a Felco Backfill Conveyor make to me? Instead of ten dump trucks driving back and forth all day – we have none!
Tripp Griffin
Griffin Construction
The customer service at Felco is great. Everything was done right and on-time. All the fab work was done right the first time – that’s hard to find these days.
Neiman Sawmills
Over a period of several years in the excavation business, I began to notice other companies using the Felco Roller Buckets on commercial projects in our area. I thought, why not use this attachment for our application? Our old process needed at least three men per hour of operation, and our average time to backfill and compact would be somewhere around 4-5 hours for a 1,000 square foot foundation. With your Roller Compaction Bucket on our excavator we can perform the same work in 2-3 hours, bill an additional $45.00/hour for the unit, and do it with one man and one machine. Great design and great performance. Hands down, one of the best investments I have made for my business! Thanks Felco!
Kirk Munro
Munro Earthmoving
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