Felco Industries

Tamping Pad Roller Compaction Buckets


Felco Roller Compaction Buckets allow an excavator operator to backfill open trench spoils and compact them with one attachment – by combining the compaction performance of Felco’s proven tamping pad wheel compactor within an excavator bucket shell.

Transition time switching between a digging bucket and a stand-alone wheel compactor is eliminated, adding up to significant time savings on long pipe jobs. Excavator operators are able to lay more uniform, compaction appropriate lifts with the Roller Compactor attachment, and they consistently report achieving 90% + compaction with the Felco Roller Compaction Bucket on projects throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Felco’s Sealed Journal Bearing System requires NO DAILY MAINTENANCE and is supported by an industry best FIVE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Just grab and lay out your lift, curl in the bucket, and compact!