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Vibratory Plate Compactors


Felco Vibratory Plate Compactors are the ideal tool when it comes to compacting on tight repair jobs, trenches, foundations, or slope applications. Vibratory compaction forces the air in the soils to the surface which decreases air pockets making them ideal for compacting granular materials. These vibratory plate tamper units can apply from 3,500 to 40,000 pounds of impact force depending on size and model. Each compactor vibrates at around 2,100 Cycles Per Minute or Frequency, which has been found to provide optimum compaction for the widest range of granular soils.

All compactors are equipped with the following:

  • Rammer HO-PAC Compactor Driver
  • Grease filled sealed bearings or Oil splash bearings (no greasing) depending on model
  • Standard four function valve (flow regulator) that controls flow, pressure, regenerations and oil flow direction
  • Hosing / hydraulic connections at ear
  • Standard width and length foot pads (custom dimensions also available)
  • Custom and OEM Bolt-On ear assemblies and quick coupler lugs


Machine Weight (lbs.) Model Impulse Force (lbs.) Base Plate Dimensions (Width” x Length” **) Est. Weight (lbs.) Mounting Type
3,000 – 12,000          
  F400 4,000 13 x 31 500 IN1
  F400 4,000 13 x 31 500 XR
8,000 – 20,000          
  F700 6,400 18 x 35 750 XR
  F700 6,400 18 x 35 750 BR
9,000 – 30,000          
  F1000 8,000 24 x 37 1,120 BR
  F1000 8,000 24 x 37 1,120 SR
19,000 – 45,000          
  F1600 16,000 29 x 44 1,900 SR
  F1600 16,000 29 x 44 1,900 MR
35,000 – 120,000          
  F2300 24,000 34 x 44 2,900 MR
  F2300 24,000 34 x 44 2,900 LR8
77,000 – 150,000          
  F4000 40,000 42 x 60 4,900 LR9
**Length of compaction plate tip-to-tip (not flat plate surface dimension)

Linkage Pins

Available from 40mm to 130mm diameters

linkage pins

Bolt-On Ear Assemblies

Bolt-On Ear Assemblies are available on each vibratory plate compactor – which allows use on other similar class excavators with different ear dimensions by purchasing an additional bolt-on ear assembly from Felco.

To confirm ear dimensions, please click on this Ear Dimensions Confirmation Sheet.

Bolt-On Ear Assemblies

For sizing and pricing questions, please call our Parts Department at 800-221-5427, then press 1.

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