Felco Industries

Mini Excavator Roller Compaction Buckets


Felco Mini Excavator Roller Compaction Buckets have greaseable flange bearings instead of our sealed journal bearing to reduce weight for use with compact excavators. Just lay out your lift, curl in the bucket, and compact! Tamping Pad or Segmented Wheel styles are available.

Mini Ex Roller Compaction Buckets are a great solution for backfilling and compacting utility tie-ins and tight repair jobs.
Replaceable scraper teeth on the Tamping Pad Wheels, or dedicated scrapers on the Segmented Wheels, keep material from building between the compaction bumps / wheels. To replace the flange bearings, just unbolt the wheel from the bucket.

Tamping Pad Style Mini Roller Bucket

Tamping Pad Mini Roller

Segmented Style Mini Roller Bucket

Segmented Mini Roller Bucket