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Mini Excavator Roller Compaction Buckets


Felco Mini Excavator Roller Compaction Buckets have greaseable flange bearings instead of our sealed journal bearing to reduce weight for use with compact excavators. Just lay out your lift, curl in the bucket, and compact! Tamping Pad or Segmented Wheel styles are available.

Mini Ex Roller Compaction Buckets are a great solution for backfilling and compacting utility tie-ins and tight repair jobs.
Replaceable scraper teeth on the Tamping Pad Wheels, or dedicated scrapers on the Segmented Wheels, keep material from building between the compaction bumps / wheels. To replace the flange bearings, just unbolt the wheel from the bucket.

Tamping Pad Style Mini Roller Bucket

Tamping Pad Mini Roller

Segmented Style Mini Roller Bucket

Segmented Mini Roller Bucket




Wheel Style

Standard Size

(W” x L”)






Axle TypeMSRP
4,000 to 18,000      
 Tamping Pad12 x 323950.07FLG$6,470
 Tamping Pad16 x 324250.09FLG$6,751
 Tamping Pad18 x 325000.10FLG$7,312
 Tamping Pad20 x 325250.11FLG$7,875
 Tamping Pad24 x 326750.14FLG$8,438
 Segmented12 x 323400.07FLG$6,470
 Segmented16 x 323400.09FLG$6,751
 Segmented18 x 324750.10FLG$7,312
 Segmented20 x 325100.11FLG$7,875
 Segmented24 x 326100.14FLG$8,438

Standard Features:

Fixed Ear Assembly to match OEM specs for backhoe or excavator
FLG – Greaseable Flange Bearings

Options Include:

Linkage Pins
Bolt-On Cutting Edges


We currently have a steel surcharge in effect. We are assessing $0.40 / lb. based on the estimated attachment weight.

Felco recommends quoting our products through your preferred excavator dealership or reseller. Typically dealers can offer pricing incentives on our products. Please have your sales rep contact us for a dealer quote.

Linkage Pins

linkage pins

Bolt-On Cutting Edges

Extend the life of your Felco bucket lip with a replaceable cutting edge

Bolt-on cutting edge

Replacement Ears

Felco can send a set of replacement pin-on ears for your current Felco Mini EX Roller Bucket, to use your attachment on a different, similar class excavator. Please provide the serial # on the Roller Bucket which is located between the current set of ears, and the Make / Model of the mini excavator that you want the new ears to mount on.

To confirm ear dimensions, please click on this Ear Dimensions Confirmation Sheet.

Replacement ears

For sizing and pricing questions, please call our Parts Department at 800-221-5427, then press 1.

Roller Compactions Guidelines

Mini Ex Roller Bucket Compaction Guidelines

Greasing Recommendations

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