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Felco Industries was founded in 1983 by John Felton (NUCA Ditch Digger of the Year – 1978). As the owner of Felton Construction, a sewer / water contractor that worked in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, tales from back then tell that John liked to take on the deep, complicated utility jobs. It was on a tight pipe job in Seattle when John and his crew developed a way to get bedding material into the trench on tight jobs which eventually came to be known as the FELCO BEDDING CONVEYOR – Felco Industries’ first mainline product.

Felco Excavator

Still a mainstay on large pipe jobs nationwide, the Felco Bedding Conveyor allows pipe bedding material to be delivered and placed with the lead excavator, which replaces cumbersome bedding boxes, reduces the time it takes to bed a piece of pipe, minimizes waste of material and keeps the excavator operator’s attention on the trench. More pipe in the ground per day!

To compliment the improved efficiency on bedding the pipe, Felco Industries developed two unique compaction bucket combinations to help contractors speed up the backfill and compact process on the secondary excavator. FELCO ROLLER COMPACTION BUCKETS combine a static wheel compactor and a bucket shell, and FELCO VIBRATORY COMPACTION BUCKETS combine a vibratory plate compactor within a bucket shell. Each of these units allow an excavator operator to lay out their lifts, curl in the bucket, and compact without needing to go back and forth between a digging bucket and a separate compaction attachment.

Felco Roller Compaction Bucket
42 x 74 c-10 vibe bucket

Felco calls using a Felco Bedding Conveyor on the lead excavator and a Felco Compaction Bucket on the backfill excavator Double Quick – improved efficiencies on both sides of the pipe as this old Felco promotional drawing nicely shows.

Based in Missoula, Montana, Felco products have a reputation to match the impressive Montana landscape that we call home: rugged, durable, diverse, and able to withstand all types of environmental conditions. We are proud of our heritage and proud to be building our equipment right here in the Rocky Mountains. Our FELCO logo is welded onto all of our products with an immense amount of pride.

Our contractor roots are still strong, and we work with construction companies nationwide and across Canada, as well as all major excavator dealerships including CASE, CAT, HYUNDAI, JOHN DEERE, KOBELCO, KOMATSU, LINK-BELT, VOLVO and others. Our patented construction equipment products are built to last and designed specifically to help improve job safety and efficiency based on contractor feedback.

Felco Industries is extremely grateful to our customers for supporting us for over thirty-six years, and excited for the future of our industry as we look to embrace new product technologies and innovations to continue to provide relevant solutions in the field for contractors. We are very appreciative that in the competitive market of attachment manufacturers, we are the proven, trusted choice.

To learn more about our excavator attachments and other product fabrication capabilities, please call us at 800-221-5427 or contact us below.

P.S. Thank you John…