Felco Industries

3-in-1 Vibratory Wheel Compactors


Recognizing the popularity of Trench / Walk Behind Rollers that combine Static and Vibratory Compaction to get that extra few points of compaction, but also hearing the downsides of these units from contractors, Felco is proud to introduce our patent pending 3-in-1 Vibratory Wheel Compactor.

Designed as an excavator mounted alternative to a trench roller to have the same compaction functionality as a trench roller without the addition of another diesel motor, remote control, or an additional employee to operate it.  Additionally, the combination of our Sealed Journal Bearing (no greasing) on the wheel and the reliability of hydraulic vibratory motor will provide low maintenance and high compaction rates for their users.

3 types of compaction are possible with this unit:  static roller compaction, vibratory roller compaction, and vibratory plate compaction.

“Travel limiters” virtually eliminate premature wear of the isolator pads due to over extension or incorrect use. (driving the compactor into the ground with the stick)