Felco Industries

Felco Products

Felco Wheel Compactor

Wheel Compactors

Premium Excavator Wheel Compactors

Felco Mini Wheel Compaction Buckets

Mini Vibratory Compaction Bucket

Backfill and compact without a jumping jack

Felco Straddle Wheels

Straddle Wheel Compactors

Designed to efficiently & uniformly backfill large diameter pipe

Custom attachments by Felco

Custom Excavator Buckets & Attachments

Digging, Ditch Cleaning, Frost, Skeleton and Trapezoidal Buckets, Rippers and more…

Felco Ripper Shank

Excavator Ripper Shanks

Built extra stout to punch through and rip up frost and rock

Felco Bedding Conveyor Systems

Bedding Conveyor Systems

Bed more pipe daily, decrease material loss, improve trench safety

Felco Vibratory Compaction Bucket

Vibratory Compaction Bucket

Allied or NPK Plate Compactors mounted in a bucket shell

Felco Roller bucket

Roller Compaction Bucket

Backfill and compact with one attachment

Mini Roller Bucket Felco

Mini Roller Compaction Bucket

Just lay out your lift, curl in the bucket and compact

mini ex wheel compactor

Mini Excavator Wheel Compactors

Specially designed wheel assembly to ensure optimal compaction

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Tiltrotator Solutions

Felco attachments adopted for use on Tiltrotator Couplers

skeleton bucket 1

Skeleton Buckets

Designed for static screening material

Gray Bedding Box from Felco

Bedding Boxes

Strong, durable and made to endure hard use on the construction site

Felco Vibratory Plate Compactors

Vibratory Plate Compactors

Allied HoPacs configured for your excavator and project needs

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