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Felco Bedding Boxes are an exceptional solution for your backfill material management needs. Made in Montana, Felco Bedding Boxes are strong, durable, and made to endure hard use on the construction site. All boxes feature a “rolling grab bar” system which helps prevent the grab bar from bending from repeatedly pulling on the bar in the same static position.

Bedding box from Felco

A Doubling Plate is added to reinforce each box where teeth hit the outer wall when lifting / moving the box with the excavator.

bedding box

Please see our Felco Bedding Box SPECIFICATIONS below. Our steel dimensions typically exceed our competitor’s thicknesses in key areas.
Custom designs and modifications are welcome.


Standard Size*


L’ x W’ x H’

Side WallEnd WallBaseGrab Bar




2 CY**8’3” x 4’0″ x 3’0”1/4”3/8”1/2”5” SCH802,340
3 CY**10’ x 4’9″ x 3’6”1/4”3/8”1/2”5” SCH802,730
4 CY12’ x 5’0″ x 3’6”1/4”3/8”5/8”5” SCH803,206
5 CY13’6” x 5’4” x 3’6”1/4″3/8”5/8”6” SCH803,975
7 CY14’6” x 5’9” x 4’0”1/4”3/8”5/8”8” SCH805,100
7 CY Wide13’11” x 6’6” x 4’0”1/4”3/8”5/8”8” SCH805,400
9 CY15’6” x 6’7” x 4’0”1/4”3/8”5/8”8” SCH805,990
10 CY16’6” x 6’7” x 4’0”1/4”3/8”5/8”8” SCH806,150
10 CY HD16’6” x 6’7” x 4’0”1/2”1/2”3/4”8” SCH1207,550
12 CY HD18’6” x 7’2” x 4’0”1/2″1/2”3/4”8” SCH1208,700
15 CY HD19’ x 8’0” x 4’0”1/2”1/2”3/4”8” SCH12012,800

All our bedding boxes feature a “rolling grab bar” system
*Outer Box dimensions – please request a unit line drawing for inside dimensions
**Includes Universal Skid Steer Adapters on Each Side of Box

Custom Paint

Our standard paint color is construction yellow, but please ask about our custom paint capabilities.

Blue bedding box

Red bedding box

Pull plate on opposite end of Grab Bar

pull plate at end of grab bar pull plate diagram

Plating to protect welds between the End Walls and the Base Plate

Plating to protect walls     plating diagram

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