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Custom Excavator Buckets / Attachments


Felco Industries builds custom attachments and specialty buckets for contractors that need something they can’t buy off the shelf. If you have an idea for an attachment to make your life easier, we have the engineering, drafting and facility capabilities to custom-build excavator buckets or excavator attachments for your specific project needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in a catalog, call Felco.

Clean-Up, Clean Out, Muck, or Ditch Cleaning Buckets

Whatever you call them, these buckets are designed for specialty grading, slope cutting, and to remove material efficiently in multiple applications.

Ditch cleaning buckets
ditch cleaning bucket diagram

Digging Buckets

Felco builds digging buckets to customer provided specifications and duty requirements.
digging bucket by Felco
Digging bucket diagram

Frost Buckets

Felco Frost Buckets are specifically built for working in frozen and rocky ground and designed to penetrate the ground with as little resistance and strain as possible for your machine. Significantly improves digging performance in materials and soils compacted by deep frost. Customer specifications required to quote.
Felco Frost Bucket
Frost Bucket Diagram

Trapezoidal Buckets

Felco Trapezoidal or “V” Buckets are designed to create a trench profile with a safe side-slope angle and a narrow ditch floor. Increases efficiency when digging trenches and ditches.

Trapezoidal Bucket from Felco
Trapezoidal bucket diagram

Please submit your contact information and attachment or project concept in the CONTACT FELCO form below, or please give us a call us today at 800-221-5427.

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