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A TILTROTATOR is a hydraulic coupler that allows an excavator operator to rotate an attachment a full 360 degrees, as well as tilt the attachment up to 45 degrees side-to-side. It has expanded the ways an excavator can be used on a job site.

Here are a few highly recognized companies that manufacture and sell tiltrotator couplers and tool adapters:


Increasingly Felco Industries is building our attachments with adapters based on the Symmetrical Quick Couplers for Excavators, which greatly expands the ability of the excavator operator to use our compaction and other attachment solutions in the field.

Felco Mini Ex Wheel Compactors

Adirondack Home Services (Schroon Lake, NY)

Felco 24” wide Mini EX Tamping Pad Wheel Compactor on a CAT 305.5E2 CR Mini Excavator with an Engcon Tiltrotator Coupler

Redford Excavating (Baltimore, MD)

Felco 20” wide Mini EX Tamping Pad Wheel Compactor on a CAT 305.5E2 CR Mini Excavator with an Engcon Tiltrotator Coupler

Felco Full-Size Wheel Compactors

Western Excavating (Missoula, MT)

Felco 24” wide Tamping Pad Wheel Compactor on a John Deere 135G Excavator with a SteelWrist Tiltrotator Coupler

DC Excavation (Bozeman, MT)

Felco 24” wide Tamping Pad Wheel Compactor on a CAT 323 Excavator with an Engcon Tiltrotator Coupler

Ryan Keeland Excavation (Billings, MT)

Felco 30” wide Tamping Pad Wheel Compactor on a Komatsu PC210 Excavator with a Rototilt Tiltrotator Coupler

Felco Mini Ex Roller Compaction Buckets

Felco 20″ wide Mini Ex Roller Compaction Bucket built to mount on a Bobcat E50 Compact Excavator with a Kinshofer cylinderless NOX Tiltrotator.

Felco Full-Sized Roller Compaction Buckets

Felco 24” wide Roller Compaction Bucket for a Volvo EW180E Wheeled Excavator with a Steelwrist X26 Tiltrotator Coupler

Felco Digging Buckets

Coming soon

To learn more about building a Felco attachment for your full-size or mini excavator with a Tiltrotator Coupler, please call us at 800-221-5427 or click Request a Quote and indicate “Tiltrotator” in the coupler type section.

Felco Leveling blades allow the excavator operator to push/pull material.  An additional benefit for tiltrotator users is that it doubles as a “kickstand” when not in use, making it easier to mount and dismount from the coupler.  Bolt-On available for full-size wheels, and Dedicated available for mini excavator wheels.



Replaceable Scraper Teeth / Adapters

Worn scraper teeth are easy to remove and replace.  Scraper teeth keep the wheel clean and will improve the performance of your compaction attachment.

Bolt-On Ear Assemblies

Bolt-On Ear Assemblies are standard with each full size wheel compactor – which allows use on other similar class excavators with different ear dimensions by purchasing an additional bolt-on ear assembly from Felco.

Please provide the serial # on the Wheel Compactor which is located between the current set of ears, and the Make / Model of the excavator that you want the new ears to mount on.

To confirm ear dimensions, please click on this Ear Dimensions Confirmation Sheet.

For sizing and pricing questions, please call our Parts Department at 800-221-5427, then press 1.

Compaction Guidelines

Wheel Compaction Guidelines

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