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Felco solves the two main pains for Trench Box users:
1. Shipping
2. Repairs and Re-Certification.

We have the lowest shipping costs in the Northwest saving contractors thousands, and we will repair our Trench Boxes and also get them re-certified before we ship them back. Don't be liable when an accident happens to a damaged Trench Box and make sure you're using a certified Felco Trench Box this year.

FELCO TRENCH BOX / TRENCH SHIELDS: You’re never at more danger than when you’re in a trench. Unstable soil could collapse at any time—causing a much higher risk of fatality than other excavation work. That’s why Felco is proud to manufacture trench shoring boxes right here in Montana. If you’re digging a foundation, doing sewer or water line repair or replacement, laying wires or any other kind of excavation work, a Felco trench box can keep you safe and prevent trench collapse. Each Felco trench box design is certified by a professional engineer to meet or exceed OSHA standards. trench box TRENCH BOX FEATURES: + Full-length 1/2" push blocks + Quick and easy-to-use pins and keepers + Reinforced thru-wall spreader sockets with horizontal and vertical pinning capabilities + Steel structure made from high-strength tube and plate + Heavy-duty stacking sockets + Four-point lifting system + Spacious, ergonomic lift lugs designed to fig large chain + 572-50 high-strength inner and outer skins + Reinforced knee bottom and flat-bottom design + Factory painted Have questions about Felco Trench boxes or our trench box specifications? Call 1.800.221.5427 to talk to a Felco Product Specialist today.

Please contact a Felco Product Specialist for Trench Box specifications. You can fill out our Request a Quote form, or give us a call at : 1.800.221.5427