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With five different models, we have a bedding conveyor to fit almost every excavator and job site. Other options available for bedding conveyors are hopper grates and hopper vibrators. Contact a Felco specialist to discuss your material and job.

BEDDING CONVEYORS: Felco bedding conveyors help you put more pipe in the ground than any other method. Have a sewer and water lines to put in the ground? If you want to do it efficiently, look no further. With the Felco Bedding Conveyor, you can control when, where and how much bedding material is placed in the trench while bedding pipe. HOW DOES OUR BEDDING CONVEYOR SAVE YOU TIME & MONEY? 1.) Use only the amount of bedding material you need. The hopper contains all your bedding material, which means no material is wasted on the ground. 2.) Reduce machine swing cycle time by almost 75%. Material is held in the hopper and transferred via conveyor belt under the car body to your waiting bucket, to be placed and used as needed. 3.) Eliminate the need for flaggers and road closures. Only a single lane is necessary because material is loaded into the hopper located directly behind the excavator. The Felco bedding conveyor can deliver 1 cycle of bedding material every 7-10 seconds. FELCO BEDDING CONVEYORS - SAFETY FIRST Controls the conveyor from the cab, with a direct line of site into the trench and on either side. And don’t forget—filling the hopper with material, rather than dumping from the trench side, keeps a loader away from the trench edge. That means less opportunity for accidents. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR BEDDING CONVEYORS Find out more about bedding conveyor operation and mounting here.
Excavator Weight (lbs) Model Length Height Hopper Width Hopper Length Hopper Capacity (CY) Belt Width Weight (lbs)
20,000 - 40,000 EX Custom 6'6" 9'6" 4' 2 18" 6,000
40,000 - 80,000 CD 22'6" - 28'6" 6'6" 10' 4'8" 3 24" 7,200
80,000 -150,000 STD 25'6" - 27'6" 7'6" 10'6" 5'3" 4 24" 7,500
80,000 -150,000 RLR 25'6" - 31'6" 7'6" 10'6" 5'3" 4 24" 8,000
100,000 - 200,000 Model 60 31' 9'6" 12' 6' 8 30" 10,200