At Felco, we can handle steel fabrication to the exact specifications for almost any industry. We have a commitment to excellence and take pride in meeting and exceeding industry standards, requirements and tolerances. Our affiliation with Montana Hydraulics LLC means that we can provide you custom CNC machining, hydraulic cylinders and ballast distribution systems.

heavy steel manufacturing HEAVY STEEL FABRICATION

Choosing Between Steel Fabrication Companies

When you need to select a steel fabricator, quality and reliability are of utmost importance. With 30 years of experience meeting the demands of the most extreme conditions, we know we can provide the highest quality in heavy steel fabrication.

At Felco, we can handle your hot or cold custom steel fabrication. We work with carbon steel, stainless steel and alloys including nickel and titanium. As a structural steel manufacturer, we know the importance of precise thicknesses. Even a few microns make a significant difference, a material that is just slightly too thick can cause cost overruns. Steel fabrication that is a few microns too thin can result in structural failure.

Our abilities include custom steel fabrication for the construction and mining industries. We have experience with utility, railroad and aerospace production. Whether you need heavy steel plate, structural steel or industrial assemblies, we have the ability to meet your requirements.

In addition, our plasma cutting service provides minimal distortion from heat; we meet tolerances of +/- .125. We have the experience to work with you on any type of steel fabrication project.This shows in our exceptional custom fabrication and prototyping for excavator attachments, compaction plates and buckets or conveyors. We take pride in being an industry leader among steel manufacturers. Let us prove our commitment to excellence to you.

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