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Backfill Conveyors


Felco Backfill Conveyor Systems are designed to speed up backfilling of an open trench especially when stockpiling spoils along the trench is not an option or allowed.

Pulled along side the trench by the lead excavator, the operator places freshly dug material into the hopper. The Backfill Conveyor transports the material forward, returning the spoils back into to the trench (past the trench box) by means of a cross conveyor. The material is then immediately accessible for compaction by the second excavator on site.

For loading material onto a truck when required to start the open trench, a hydraulic lift system raises the end of the primary conveyor. Reversing the cross-conveyor allows the placement of material into a truck.

Utilizing a Felco Backfill Conveyor to immediately return spoils to the trench improves the efficiency and profitability of a project in a number of ways. By removing costly trucking requirements from the trenching operation and eliminating spoil stockpiling, digging time is maximized. Clean-up costs and potential damage to private property are also avoided.

The standard length of the system is just under 70 ft., however we welcome custom length requests. For additional specifications, pricing, and lead time estimates, please contact Felco.

Backfill Conveyor Diagram

Swivel Conveyor Option

Swivel Conveyor Option

Cross Conveyor Option

Cross Conveyor Option

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